March 21st, 2009

clementine canine!

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jesus its been months... this past quarter was BRUTAL. finished my practicum, got great reviews...they wanted to hire me but no money. ugh

exhibits class kicked my ass and i loved every single minute of it. learned how to bend plexiglass to make mounts for objects, use giant printers, cut and place vinyl lettering, how to properly hang art and display objects and how to design promotional materials (posters, postcards, etc.). learned how to use Photoshop a bit more extensively again and even learned a bit of Illustrator! fantastic!

archives administration was one of the best classes i've ever taken... so much useful information and we had to write a whole archival policy plan from scratch. hard work, but well worth it.

Clem is awesome and starting to get back in shape for flyball. TeeVee is doing good too - going to be starting flyball classes next month. he's still dr. distracto most of the time, but he's come a long way. oh and BOTH DOGS got their AKC Canine Good Citizen title. totally impressed with both of my guys.

Sean and I have pretty much adjusted to the whole living together thing... just have to keep reminding myself he's not a roommate! there are differences! he's been a huge help this quarter with cooking and cleaning and all that stuff. thank goodness, don't know where i'd be without him. next week is our 1 year...crazy. we're going to the mountains (Allenspark) for the next 2 days to celebrate, plus its the last few days of my spring break.

next quarter i'll just be taking ONE CLASS. AHHHHHHHHHHH!! and working more and still looking for jobs. seems like more are getting posted for the area so I have hope. can't believe graduation is just 10 weeks away. it's a bit overwhelming sometimes... i'll feel much better when I have a job lined up. I have great connections here in Denver and amazing references. one of the head curators at the Historical Society is doing everything he can to try and find something for me. unfortunately, most places (including the state) have hiring freezes. but - they might be hiring some contract workers in 8 months or so since they are moving buildings and will need help with that whole process. fingers, toes and paws CROSSED!