i like ponies. (bemyjoeyramone) wrote,
i like ponies.

started the new job at Integer today! know I will be able to list impressive things on my resume such as:

encoding metadata
managing digital images database
knowing the secrets of a major brewing company

heck yes.

sean's been here for a bit... practically moved in, but not officially. the kitties are here since well... he's in and out of town so much for 2 months its just easier for me to watch them here. simbot and capelli are total BFF. crank... has become a bit of an outsider. he still hates me, but is slowly coming around. poor guy. things are still great between that dood and i. a few minor fights, but somehow we always manage to work it out. there's that whole state of love and trust thing going on. creepy, but i like it.

im hongry but its time for flyball!

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