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procrastination junction! wooo!

i should be working on my last paper for summer quarter..  a 10 pager on textile preservation, but eh.  its not due until monday and i have about 3 pages done already.  i should be okay.  im shooting to have 5 by the end of the day, but we'll see. 

work is still going well.  here's a box i was working on:

clemmy and i have been going on bike rides a lot the past two weeks since the weather has cooled down a little.  we had almost a month of 95+ degree temps, so lower 90s to 80s are FANNNNNtastic

oh...and amanda got a new boyfriend:

the convention starts soon...  i decided to nix the archivist convention in san francisco this year so i can be around for the DNC.  denver is practically shutting down so it should be pretty interesting.   erm a mess.  thankfully i dont have to work much the next few weeks so im just going to eat. drink. watch movies. and go for bike rides.

all the while getting ready for my last year of school.  wooohooo!  in the fall ill be taking digital objects management! (oooooh), reference (meh), and GRANTWRITING. ahhhhhh.  should be alright.  im ready to be done.  still trying to figure out where im going to do my practicum.  more on that later.

boyfriends still good...almost 5 months now which is kind of crazy. we went and saw dolly parton on sunday and it was amazzzinggg.  any guy that will take me to see dolly is a total keeper.  i only cried twice this time...once during coat of many colors and once during little sparrow.  oh dolllllyyy  <333333

i'm hongry.
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