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i like ponies.

hmm...it's been a while, lets see here....

into week 3 of this quarter...  its my last quarter full time! WOOOO.  well, next quarter i will be registered full time, but one of the classes is my practicum - which isnt really a class, its an internship.  i'm hoping to complete most of the hours over winter break.  the big news is that the Denver Art Museum is SUPER excited to have me do my practicum there.  lets see if they can offer me a paying job in 6 months. that'd be super sweet.  They're putting together some proposals for me to look over to decide what I would like to do. I'll be working with the Collections and Exhibits manager.  fantastic!

classes are chugging along..  im not really super excited about any of them really which sucks some balls. reference is pretty outdated, but thats why we have a separate internet reference class i suppose. the professor is really sweet so i shouldnt dog on her too much, but dang. computers are USEFUL!

digital objects is just...confusing.  we're slowly getting it but there are certainly a lot of moments where the whole class is like "whaaaa?"  so far we've learned all about CYBERINFASTRUCTURE in the arts and humanites, long-term preservation of digital objects (file types, conversions, etc), and what makes a good digital collection.  exciting stuff.  ahem

my third class is grantwriting which is pretty good actually.  i wish it was smaller, but we're writing real grants. ive got a group together of some fellow students and we're going to try and write a grant for sean's school so they can get some money to get their mini-school library off the ground.

jobs are still going well.  today my work errand was to take some antique prayer shawls over to the DU costume shop (part of the theater department) and get them pressed.  hooray!  next week i might get to catalog a hebrew typewriter.  but first i have to finish some photographs up. luckily i already scanned them all, i just have to create the entries into Re:Discovery. and then i have to help with some accessions too.  wheee.

hmm so what else... lets see   tomorrow is sean and i's 6 month anniversary.  kinda crazy. kinda not.  still great though.  still can't believe there's someone so smitten with me.  kinda weird.  he brings me flowers and buys me pizza. think i'll keep him around for a while.

clemmy turned five! FIVE!!!  she's almost old!  had her yearly checkup and the vet said she had the teeth of a two year old.  awesome sign.  whew.

oh and GOOGLEPHONES are coming out next month!!!  i seriously might have to get one.  i'm a little too excited here.  wheeeee GOOGLEPHONE!!!!!!

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