i like ponies. (bemyjoeyramone) wrote,
i like ponies.

it's been a hot minute.

first off. carrie i promise i will call you back. i promise.  or you call me saturday.  you always call when im not home!  or when im sleeeeping which is hardly ever..but besides.  ugh.

3 more weeks left in the quarter!  HOOORAYYY

went and saw the magnetic fields in boulder on wednesday. hands down..one of the best shows ive ever been to.  so if you are a fan - i say shell out the money and go. yes, they're expensive tickets..but totally worth it.  all acoustic, original line up.  we had 4th row seats right next to stephen merritt for 28 bucks.  i was probably 5 ft away from the guy.  im totally digging the new album - even if it didnt get fantastic reviews.  i like it. a lot.  they played stuff from all their albums (even 69 love songs..holiday..pieces of april, i...all of em).  played over 3 hours too!  there was lots of banter and talking between songs and the whole thing was just so damn intimate.  claudia and shirley were suffering from a bit of altitude sickness, so they kept having to run backstage to huff oxygen. no lie.  and clearly alcohol was affecting everyone a bit more than they thought it would.  yay to colorado!  best ever.

tonite is the mountain goats!  ahhh two of my favorite bands in one week!  im going crazy!  ahhhh

finishing up some accessions for RMJHS...then we get to work on the JCRS collection that came in.  TUBERCULOSIS! 

for halloween our department is each going as a different metadata schema.  NERD ALERT!  apparently i get VRA, which i am super excited about.

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