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trip officially booked! JULY 5TH-13TH.

spring quarter 2k8 officially OVER! one more year to go! i have 2 weeks off, then STATS for 2 weeks and then preservation and conservation for the rest of the summer. at least its a fun class.

went back to the museum yesterday.. judy is going to have me assist with CHS's part of the Digitization of Denver's Neighborhood's Project. This is a pretty sweet deal. *background note: DPL (denver public library) got a huge grant to start do this digitization project where they are going to document all of Denver's historic neighborhoods. To do this, they need to work with CHS (colorado historical society) and the archive of the city and county of Denver. they are creating a whole new section in DPL to do this, staffing it and buying all kinds of fancy equipment. drool.

so a position was posted that i had applied for but didnt get.. instead it went to this guy james who graduated from our program in the fall and is much more qualified. ironically, i now have his position at Integer (the ad company i will be working for starting in a few weeks). so theyre still in the planning process, but they will be hiring more people in the winter and now.. since i will already be working on the project as a volunteer..i have a good chance of getting a paid position. wooohoo! the first part im helping with is the Park Hill neighborhood so i was doing some serious cataloging of images yesterday. nerd alert! of course, true to any archival collection many of them didnt fit. but i was in my element, elbow deep in photos of the oklahoma land rush of 1893. HECK YES.

oh yeah. new job! i have one more week here at my work study, then i start at Integer as an archivist! its only a summer contract and the pay isnt that great... but its decent and ill actually be doing archiving work. They are a major ad company, doing mostly ads for Coors/ P & G/ etc. i will be taking the images and encoding METADATA and creating databases so that the "creatives" will be able to access images as they need them. It's one of those trendy "hip" companies, where you get to wear jeans, everyone is under the age of 35, there is beer in the breakroom and the building is "green." I'll be working under my friend Bonnie (not my mom), who is their archivist and is in my program. Should be a good gig. metadata! EAD! nerd alert!

saturday nite we had a big party.. a ton of library people, some of Em's amanda and matt and that crowd. good times. i drank too much, fell on my ass trying to break up a dog fight and was amazed at how many great people i know in this town.

Last nite was the return of trivia! sean, RJ and i had to be on the smallest team, but we still got 6th place so it wasnt TOO bad. plus, we still win for best team name ever - an annotated bibliography of things we put in your mom. "library of conquest" got first place, but of course they did. micah was on that team and he's a super genius. watch out for his knowledge of presidential history ladies! zing! anyways, a few black and tans and irish carbombs...and having to be at work at 9 am. not such a good day so far. but i'm hoping to fix that with a burrito in just a few minutes. BURRITO!

i wish it would stop raining.
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the quarter is wrapping up. not too much more to do really. have to finalize a group presentation for ethics.. an informal presentation for appraisal class. but that one is fun, because sam and i are partners and our powerpoint slides are humorous. then we have to finish writing our collection policy for NREL. that's the national renewable energy lab for you non-coloradans. and then just a short reflection paper on our arrangement and description projekt. woohoo!

planning the ohio trip. looking like july 5th-13th for sure. think my mom is having a bbq on the 12th. mostly a family thing so we can announce my engagement. okay not really. but that could be a funny joke. hah hah hah. or my pregnancy? even better! i brought this up to my mom and she was less than thrilled. fact is - i could be totally preggo right now and she would probably be ecstatic. she's a little too into grandkids. never gonna happen from this belly. sorry mom.

photo internship is going great.. getting to work with all kinds of neat things. umm okay i guess back to collection policy writing!

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give it up for more procrastination! I have a 10 page paper due next week thats supposed to have 15-20 sources and i have like four. AWESOME!

so.. sean and i are totally coming to ohio in july. it's looking like the week of the 5th-12th. roughly. planning a trip to cincinnati, probably the 7th-8th, 8th-9th, or 9th-10th. everyone convince mike ingram to play a seedy seeds show that week - during the week, not on the weekend. it needs to happen.

here is what else must happen:
myra's, camp washington, udf, graeters, the CAC, the underground railroad museum,comet burritos, drinking, fried pickles, breakfast, indian food, thai express, and of course, seeing people. oh and if anyone can get us into the creation museum for less than the normal ticket price of 20 dollars - give a hollar. holy crap that is going to be a lot of eating. mmmm.

is anything else going on around then? any good shows to consider? eh? eh???

in other news...i survived meeting his family over the weekend. his parents...remind me of mine and are surprisingly normal. i was totally expecting some serious meet the fockers from the way he described them. but nope. totally normal and nice. his closest brother was there too with his family..and i really hit it off with them. they remind me a lot of my aunt kriss and uncle scott. we talked alternative 80s bands, documentary films and played trivial pursuit. they have two kids, one is 10 and has autism and the other is 3... but nowhere near as hyper as my nephew. good kids.

last nite we celebrated his raise! woohooo! with delicious takeout from watercourse.. oh god..if i could afford to eat there every day i would be vegan in a heartbeat. buffalo seitan wings, veggie rueben for me (mushrooms instead of corned beef and the most amazing red cabbage slaw), country fried seitan for him..equally delicious. plus, they have the best gravy you've ever had period. oh yeah. and vegan "ho-ho" cupcakes for dessert. and you PICKY about my baked goods. best fucking chocolate cupcakes ever. PERIOD. period mutherfucker.

now i guessssss i'll finally get back to work. effin balls. BALLS.
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things are going too good right now. i swear, something horrible is going to happen... this just cant keep going on like this.

+ i got a new bike! its awesome! pics behind the cut!
+ sean is just amazing
+ being head over heels leaves me feeling completely not like myself, but is the most wonderful feeling in the world
+ i might have a swanky digital archiving job lined up for the summer!
+ i start a new internship soon in the photography department at the Colorado Historical Society! WHEEEEE
+ school is fantastic!
+ we're working on the personal collection of carlotta walls-lanier. she was an original member of the little rock 9! neat stuff!
+ i got to see ira glass on the big screen last nite
+ clementine is the sweetest doggy ever
+ summer is almost here!
+ library smut!
+ boyfriends who cook you dinner. all the time. even if they are vegan - they're delicious.

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gotz some time to kill

tour of the heritage center got canceled because it was SNOWING. BALLS. then it was beautiful monday and tuesday. in the 80s!!! and now. it's SNOWING again. even bigger balls. we're hoping to reschedule soon.

+ i finally ordered my bike! should be here in 7-10 days! woohooo!
+ i am alllllmost done with the collection i've been working on for 4 months at the museum. next week i get to meet with the photography intern and maybe get to start working in that department!

+ starting work on a massive book drive. we need books, magazines, zines, whatever for 13-18 year olds. if you want more information - message me! i'm helping to build a library for a school that doesn't have one

+ i paid off my scooter!

+ minus massive student loans, i'm debt free. woohoo!
+ i think i got a good group for my ethics presentation
+++++ finally meeting the boy of my dreams. like whoa.
+ being on top of my schoolwork
+ still having the best dog ever

ok. thats all i got.
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gush gush gush

things are still awesome. i've been suffering from a gnarly sinus infection/sore throat thing. sean actually brought me miso soup and kept me company for the weekend. he's nice.

other than THAT news.. lets see.

this coming friday a bunch of us archiving kids are going up to the american heritage center in laramie, wyoming for a behind the scenes tour from the director - mark greene. mark is also the current president of the society for american archivists so its a pretty big deal! i cant wait to see their preservation labs. nerd alert! zing!

saturday matt/manda are having a BBQ. sean gets to meet the friends. awkward. or not at all. it'll be fun.

sunday is flyball demos at the pet expo! clemmy is readddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to play flyyyyballlllllllllllllll.

classes are going well. ethics isnt as bad as we were expecting - at least so far. arrangement is pretty easy so far, because its everything i've been doing at the museum for 8 months. towards the end of the quarter we'll be getting into some metadata structures that i don't know yet.. but for now, it's pretty straightforward. appraisal isn't too bad either. just a final paper, but i think she's knocked it down to only 10-15 pages, instead of 20. can't believe i'm already almost half done with school. crazzzyyyy.
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aly got a boyfriend?

its true! how the fuck did this happen? i'm not quite sure myself. but! here's what i do know. he's pretty awesome.

for those of you who want the quick stats...

30 years old.
vegan. but he's not creepy about it.
MFA in creative writing from the naropa university (jack kerouac school of disembodied poetics).
blue hair.
dorky glasses.
dimples that drive me crazy when he smiles. which is all the time.
teaches 8th/9th grade english at a last chance charter school in denver to at-risk youth. think children of illegal immigrants, heavy gang involvement, drug use, murders and pregnancy.
he loves it, the kids love him and he is the head of the english department.
he's sweet and smart and nice and quirky and a bit twisted. he loves emily dickenson, charlotte rosetti and sylvia plath.
he loves noise and punk rock.
he has two cats, one with only 3 legs.
he wants a farm with a bajillion animals on it.
we share a mutual crush on ira glass and barack obama

and uh yeah. i dunno.. its just making sense for some reason and its creepy and weird, but all in a fantastic way. funny how these things just seem to spring up out of nowhere.
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Too much reflection isn't healthy for me

lets see lets see.

went to north carolina last weekend! it was lovely!

went to fort collins this past weekend! also lovely!

clemmy went herding!

my jeep hit 195,000 miles! woooo! jeeps are awesome!

pictures and videos can be seen at:

now im at work. boo.
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i am gonna make it through this year if it kills me

day 4 without teevee! man, i can't believe how much im getting done and not getting done all at the same time!

i got lots of new music, for the first time since moving out here! the mountain goats! the avett brothers! feist! animal collective! ian cooke! matson jones! i am on a roll!

i've watched movies! casablanca! a streetcar named desire. omg why didnt anyone tell me marlon brando was so hot back then? jesus fucking christ!

i've played with my dog!

i've been a silly girl over a boy!
(please dont ask me any details. i still have no clue where this is going. if i wanted you to know details, you know them and have laughed)

i've concluded boys are weird but i'm willing to put up with that for the sake of make-out!

i've been writing papers!

i've been finishing projects!

i've been making mix cds!

i'm in the process of getting my scooter fixed!

i've walked!

i've been bike shopping!

i've napped!

i've cooked!

i've uploaded some more of my vinyls!

i've become close to new graduate school friends. we make a good team.


why does coffee make me so manic? ugh!